Windows User interface

  • Intuitive quick user interface for setting light levels and recording cues

Compatible DMX512 Interfaces

  • ENTTEC Open DMX USB interface
  • Prolight DMX interface

Show lighting control

  • Unlimited cues
  • Timed auto fades
  • Manual fades
  • True dip-less cross fade
  • 50 Submasters
  • Unlimited Submaster Pages
  • Wysiwyg programming of effects with cues
  • Recall complex effects with cues
  • Programmable buttons for automating tasks
  • Plot groups for speeding up plotting
  • Cue palette for recalling cues during plotting
  • Standard mimic approach to modifying and recoding channel levels
  • Full intelligent lighting control
  • Library of intelligent fixtures
  • Preview for examining and modifying levels blind
  • Dimmer profiles
  • Programmable function keys
  • Command window with standard commands for setting levels
  • Use DMX in for setting channel levels (e.g with external board)

Intelligent light programming

  • Move while dark facility
  • Save and recall preprogrammed positions
  • Save and recall colours from library
  • Intelligent light control palette
  • Easy control of fixture attributes
  • Extensive library of fixture

Fixture library

  • Comprehensive library includes
  • Attribute definitions for intelligent fixtures
  • Photometric data for designing
  • Electrical power usage
  • Gel Sizes
  • Symbol definitions for lighting plans
  • Fixture weights
  • Import DXF definitions of symbols

Integrated CAD system for lighting plans

  • Powerful easy to use integrated lighting plan editor.
  • True scale printing of lighting plans
  • Layers for theater, set, lighting positions and lighting fixtures
  • Tools for lines, circles, arcs, text
  • Markers for laying out complex geometries
  • Support for standard CAD operations: align, move, send, zoom, grids
  • Import DXF facility
  • Drag and drop fixtures onto lighting plan
  • Comprehensive library of fixtures and fixture data


  • Sequences - unlimited length
  • Subscenes
  • Complex effects can be saved and recalled with cues

Report Generation

  • Gel Cutting list
  • Bar Rigging Plans
  • Cue List
  • Power Usage
  • Bill of Materials
  • Fixtures

Prolight Hardware Interface

  • 512 Output channels
  • 512 Input channels
  • Full electrical (optical) isolation
  • USB interface
  • Fully powered from USB

Other features

  • Run sound effects using sound cues
  • Macros for automating complex tasks
  • Visual Basic and Java scripting languages
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